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Corporate Art

Have you ever considered investing in original art for your office space?

Did you know that beautiful original art can affect the experience of the employer,
 employees AND your customers?



The Power of Original Art

Whether you choose to hang art in your waiting area, meeting rooms, foyers, or private offices, you, your employees, and your customers will benefit from an ENHANCED experience at your place of business. Not only does original art look beautiful but it can help to create a calm, inviting, and restful area for your clients. Original art also demonstrates good taste and symbolizes SUCCESS. The image to the left shows a recent commission for a superyacht.

Customer Confidence

Professional Original art, compared to a print or amateur art,  inspires confidence between your potential customer and you - it can multiply the crucial 'TRUST' factor between you and your potential client.


 Not only is original art a 'trust' elevator, but it can create a more inviting and inspiring atmosphere for your employees. Research has shown that original art can boost morale, productivity, and creative ideas.


 And in such a fast-paced challenging world where WELLBEING preservation is so important,

the installation of beautiful art can help to reduce stress and create a calming atmosphere for all.

 I've had the privilege of creating art for homes and businesses for the last decade and would love to collaborate with you to create the perfect bespoke painting for your corporate space. Whether you are  a large or small business, restaurant, hotel or clinic, I would love to hear from you to discuss your art requirements.

Simply email to discuss further.

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What Clients Say...

"We have received our lovely artwork, thank you! It looks even better in real life!
Hoping to get it on the wall this weekend. "C.E.

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