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"Lyrical Symphonies of colour to make your soul sing"


Expressionist artist Ciara Gilmore creates, a form of 'lyrical abstraction' inspired by the mystery of life and her need to describe it in paint form.

Ciara's art strives to portray a sense of the energy that is unspoken and unseen, often described as ethereal, divine or heavenly. Her paintings demonstrate how this celestial energy can touch our very physical realities, merging to become part of our very existence. 

Her paintings inspire a connection to this powerful eternal force emitting a feeling that it is right there, within reach, touching our very souls. 

Painting intuitively, a sense of magic is created by the juxtaposition between celestial softness and the grounded reality of the earth. The viewer is left with a feeling of peace, love and connection.

A Sneak peek in to my creative world!

Current Original Art for Sale

Add a touch of elegance and the WOW factor to your home, with an original piece of statement art

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What Clients Say...

"We have received our lovely artwork, thank you! It looks even better in real life!
Hoping to get it on the wall this weekend. "C.E.

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