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Hello and welcome to my website!

Hi, I'm Ciara and I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and discovered my love of art from an early age. I never stopped creating even during my time as an occupational therapist and complementary therapist. 
Following the birth of my beautiful two children, a natural break in work inspired me to say goodbye to conventional employment and follow my dream of becoming a full-time artist. Self-taught, I  found my groove in textile art for a while, then progressed to abstract expressionism which finally felt like home. 
Today you will find me painting in my garden studio with paint-splattered hair and a mug of hot tea! I am humbled to say my art has found homes all around the globe.

I've had some lovely comments about my art. This description I feel sums up my artwork perfectly! ...

'Ciara applies paint in a variety of ever-changing brush strokes, from soft and blended to loose and expressionistic. Her soft swathes of colours blur and blend into one another, skimming a lightly textured surface, creating an image that transcends reality, and allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the subject matter.

A horizon line suggesting earth or land often bursts through a mist provoking mystical undertones. 
Ciara's work is full of strong contrasts from darker colours, to subtle lighter hues.
This, together with a variety of mark-making, results in a contrast of moods which vary from calm and dreamy, to energetic and explosive.
Light plays an important role, often providing a focal point for the composition and creating a celestial hypnotic feel.
Rich, vibrant swathes of colour appear to nudge each other, moving slowly across the canvas like clouds; the resulting mood is soothing and joyful.

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