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New training available for January 2024

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Free Art Biz MasterClass

with Ciara Gilmore

Guiding Artists into Predictable Prosperity!

"An Insider's Secrets to a Prosperous Art Business"

Join me as I guide you through the 5 strategies that launched me from ZERO PROFIT to 5K MONTHLY PROFITS!

Ciara Gilmore

What you will learn inside the Masterclass

  • How to transition from hobbyist to a successful business owner with ease.

  • How your pricing could be holding you back from taking your income to the next level.

  • What you need to do to find your dream customers.

  • Why a seamless sales system is your ticket to consistent sales.

  • How entertaining the myth of the starving artist could be sabotaging the progress of your business.

Student Appreciation
Student Appreciation
Ciara Gilmore

Meet your Coach

Hi, I'm Ciara, a contemporary artist from Ireland. After living the true life of a STARVING ARTIST for so many years I decided it was time to find out how to REALLY create a PROFITABLE art business!


And so, within a year of implementing 5 KEY STRATEGIES, I went from living 'hand to mouth' to 5-FIGURE consistent months!!


And I am going to show you exactly what to do to create consistent monthly art sales in your business!

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Ciara Gilmore
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