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Abstract Art Apprentice

'Ignite your Creative Joy through   Painting Abstract Art'

Curious to explore acrylic abstract painting? Or maybe you just want to reignite your creativity after taking a break from painting?

If you are a beginner or just want to paint for fun then Abstract Art Apprentice is the perfect class for you!

Who is Abstract Art Apprentice for?

Abstract Art Apprentice is for anyone who.....

 - is a complete newbie to painting and wants to try abstract art as a new interest or hobby.

 - has painted before and would like to try abstract for the first time.
 - wants to explore their creative side but doesn't want to be confined by the rules of 'Realistic' art.
 - wants to paint purely to experience relaxation, calm, mindfulness and a sense of positive wellbeing. 

- wants to learn how to paint intuitively and express themselves on canvas using acrylic paint.

- wants to add to their already existing abstract skills by exploring different multilayering techniques.

Discover your unique voice through abstraction

With guidance from your tutor, Ciara, you will learn how to intuitively create multiple layer abstract paintings that are completely unique to YOU. 

The painting sessions are about embracing playfulness, experimenting and simply allowing your intuition to lead the way.


There is zero pressure to replicate a realistic subject. Painting abstract is about tapping into your creative flow, connecting to colour and expressing yourself through the medium of paint!

And there's no need to worry about making mistakes! Because there are no mistakes in abstract art... as BOB ROSS always said, they are simply ' Happy Accidents!

At the end of this program, you will have built basic skills in painting abstract and your confidence as an artist will have grown!!

Meet your Tutor

abstract art apprentice

Ciara Gilmore is an abstract artist from Ireland with over 30 years of painting experience. She loves to paint expressively and her artworks adorn walls around the world. Ciara loves to share her love of abstract art with students so that they can experience the joy and fulfilment that painting abstract can bring. 

"Painting abstractly brings such a sense of contentment, relaxation and a deep connection to our true selves. It is a non-intimidating art form that should be experienced by everyone"

Ciara Gilmore

Ciara Gilmore

What is included in
Abstract Art Apprentice?


Essential Supply list


Painting set up & Care of your Art Materials


Paint Mixing Basics and Inspiration Tips


3 x Painting Demonstration Videos

And A special BONUS

A private FACEBOOK  community  where you can share your artwork and mix with likeminded abstract lovers from all over the world!


Scattered Paintbrushes

“Ciara is a talented, sincere and generous teacher”

— Siobhan Heraty, Ireland

Ciara Gilmore testimonials

“I feel so lucky to have found Ciara Gilmore. Getting to learn from her has been one of my favourite things this year. Her knowledge and willingness to share never disappoints”

—Mari Harsan, USA

NO drawing skills required

No previous painting experience required

Acrylic Paint Tubes

No need for expensive art supplies - Use what you have or dust them off from the attic!

What will you be painting?


Abstract Fun

In this 30-minute painting demonstration, you will learn how to apply multiple layers using paint, ink and paint pens. We tap into our inner child and allow the doodles and scribbles of our childhood artwork guide our creative flow. It's about bright colours, fun and letting go of expectations and the pressure to create a masterpiece.


Flouncy Florals

In this painting tutorial we use flowers to inspire our paint strokes, marks and lines. Using simple house hold items like the toothpick and kitchen sponge we learn how to create beautiful patterns and marks. Paint along with Ciara and experience how easily a painting can come together.


Abstract Landscape

Did you know it's really easy to create an abstract landscape? In this video, Ciara will teach you how to create striking marks using a palette knife in this relaxing abstract painting. Its time to relax, unwind and allow the act of applying paint to a canvas release your intuitive creative flow.


The  Investment

Abstract Art Apprentice is normally priced at


but I am making it available for an CRAZY Price of



Frequently Asked Questions

Q How long do I have access to the course?

 You have access to the program for as long as the course is active.

Q Do I have to buy everything on the art supply list?

No. I have provided a list of the supplies I have used to create the paintings in the course but I encourage you to use whatever you have already!

Q I haven't taken an online course before? How does it work?

You will receive login details via email when you sign up. You will create a password and then have access to the programme. 

The videos are best watched on a larger tablet or a PC.

Q How is the content delivered?

The programme consists of prerecorded videos, downloadable PDF's and written information.

Q what type of paints are used in the programme?

 The programme is delivered using ACRYLIC paints. Other supplies are also used like inks, acrylic paint pens and stabilo woody pencils.