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'The Prosperous Artist Accelerator'
Self Study Program

I'm sorry but your access to the FREE TRAINING has expired. 

you can still access the course and get started on creating an abundant art business!

Ready to create a Prosperous Art Business?


 - Learn to FINALLY make money from your art
and live your dream life as a professional artist!

And if you Join the Prosperous Artist Accelerator by choosing the pay in full option you will  receive my
Grow your Instagram Intensive Workshop
absolutely FREE!

 Lead Magnet & Offer

- Stop daydreaming

- Get a 'real' job

- Find a passion that will put food on the table...

Being an artist, daring to even call yourself that word out loud, invites everyone and their aunt's unwanted opinions...

Most of the time these people really have your best interests at heart and want to prevent you from getting hurt. They want to keep you in what they perceive as a 'safety' zone. 

But only YOU really know and understand the creative calling within!

If creating art, painting from your soul, and feeling free, feels like what you were put on this earth to do... then IT IS!

It's as simple as that.

When you know, you know!

It's your birthright to follow that calling to be an artist!

Being an artist is NOT an inferior profession, NOR is it just a hobby.

And it is EASIER now than ever before to make what non-artists call a "Real Living" from your work.

(The starving artist thing is sooooo OLD NEWS... it's an outdated mindset that is unfortunately still rampant among new artists but is the BIGGEST LIE in the artistic community!)  

The REAL TRUTH is, its not only possible to make money from your art... it's also possible to make AMAZING AMOUNTS of money from your art and really make a name for yourself RIGHT NOW!

(And not have to wait until you have left this planet for good.)


It's not like years ago when you had to rely on galleries and exhibitions to sell your work,

YOU can connect with the WHOLE WORLD through the web.

In fact, I sell most of my 4 FIGURE artwork through social media and my online shop!

I'm not limited to my local geographical area or galleries.

And I am here to teach you how you can too!

Have you ever been told to...

Any of these Sound Familiar?


  • have put your heart and soul into painting your artwork and you know it's good, but no one seems to be interested in buying it.

  • have got into an exhibition or local art shop but your art is still hanging there months later. 

  • have had enquiries about a painting but feeling unconfident, have quickly offered a discount thinking your customer can't afford your true prices.

  • keep comparing yourself to other artists and wonder why they can be successful and you're just finding it so hard!

  • have a spare room full of beautiful paintings but just don't know where your ideal collector is hiding and how to get their eyes on your art.

  • may have built a website and posted on social media but still, it's crickets when you try to sell something!


If any of these statements have you all 'How in the heck did she get inside my head?!' then keep reading - you're in the right place, my friend!

Ciara Gilmore - Contemporary Artist

Are you Ready to make your Dreams Reality?

Ciara gilmore

Are you ready to emerge from invisibility, struggle and financial strain to become an affluent and sought-after artist?

Are you ready to finally receive the recognition and compensation your art truly deserves as you take your place in the world as a prosperous professional artist

No matter what you create, you deserve to be paid and PAID WELL for your art!


You have a unique gift, amazing skills and put time, passion and heart into creating your paintings so you absolutely should receive appreciation in the form of RECOGNITION and ABUNDANCE


It's time to start selling your artwork for their TRUE WORTH and stop undervaluing your artwork for good!

Meet your Business Coach

Ciara gilmore

Hi, I'm Ciara a professional contemporary artist from Ireland. I'm a single parent with 2 wonderful children and I have a squad of rescue dogs at my heels!


After living the true life of a STARVING ARTIST for too many years to admit, I decided it was time to find out how to REALLY create a PROFITABLE art business! And I mean make enough money to provide an AMAZING living for myself and my family!


And so, within only one year of implementing 5 KEY STRATEGIES, I went from living 'hand to mouth' to 5-FIGURE consistent months!! Selling at least 4 - 5 paintings at an average price of £1500 every single month meant I had a predictable, profitable business and MONEY IN THE BANK!

And I am going to show you EXACTLY what to do to create consistent monthly art sales just like me! (BTW I hate 'complicated' and 'overwhelm' so I'm going to make this as easy as possible for you and show you in EASY action steps!)

Picture This...

Ciara gilmore


  • Your art business transforms from 'scraping by' to an overflowing pot of prosperity!

  • Creating art that sells for HIGH-END prices.

  • Having money in the bank and making money every day. 

  • Being 100% confident in your role as an artist and in the artwork you create.

  • Ditching that 9 - 5 job that is draining the life out of you, to follow your true passion and ‘soul calling’ in life.

  • Shining your light brightly as the beautiful creative being that you are and getting paid for being your true creative self. 

  • Spending hours in your studio painting, immersed in the pleasure and love that comes from your creative powers.

  • Never having to worry about an empty bank account again!

  • Being your own BOSS, setting your own rules or ditching all the rules completely!

  • Enjoying the acclaim you are finally receiving for your art as you emerge from the shadows of obscurity.


Sound Good?

It doesn't have to be a struggle. 

There really is an EASIER way!

Create a Business that suits YOU!

Blue Scrapbook Travel This Or That Quiz Instagram Post

The Prosperous Artist Accelerator will not be like any other Art Business experience you have taken.

It is not about adding so much to your already spinning plates that will only increase overwhelm.

It is about giving you the KEY TOOLS to implement in your business that will have you seeing results straight away.

And it is also about empowering YOU to take the ACTION that feels right for YOU and your business and being able to leave behind the action that is not aligned to you and your business.


If you are ready to change the course of your life and activate your dream life then this program is for YOU!

Want to go from unknown to in-demand artist?

Pink Simple Always Forever Photo Collage

And this....

Pink Simple Always Forever Photo Collage

And how about this....

Pink Simple Always Forever Photo Collage
Pink Simple Always Forever Photo Collage



 - Learn to FINALLY make money from your art and live your dream life as a professional artist!


So what's inside The Prosperous Artist Accelerator?

Let's break it down...

Module 1 -

Getting started

Creating a solid foundation for your business is imperative for success. Winging it will definitely not serve you! In this module, we dive right into your business to see what it is lacking and what it's doing brilliantly!

Then it's time to plan, set goals and get organised! It's time to take your business from Hobby Mode to a Professional artist! You will finally feel in control, organised and have decided on the perfect work/life balance that suits you.  You will start to become more confident about running an art business and be motivated to drive your business forward.

Module summary -

  • Overview of the program and how it works

  • Organising your business and your working week.

  • Organization systems

  • Goal setting

  • Mindset overhaul

  • Become the CEO of your business

  • Niching down - Signature Style


Module 2 -

Prosperity Planning

In our Prosperity Planning Module we are going to learn how to create predictable art sales and plan for these each month. We will also be analysing your pricing structure and optimising for maximum profits.

 When you complete this module you will know with certainty where your income will be coming from and have a plan to execute to bring in those sales!

Module summary -

  • Review where your business is at and where you want it to be

  • Decide on how much you want to earn and plan where that will come from - create your sales plan

  • Monthly and yearly goal setting

  • Decide on your focus

  • Sort out those prices!


Module 3 -

Magnetic Marketing

In Module 3 you will learn how to market your business like a pro so that you can attract and connect with your ideal customers. You will discover how email marketing is an amazing way to make sales and build relationships with potential collectors. You will also come away with the core skills needed to brand your art business beautifully...​

On completion of this module you will be confident in how to brand your business professionally, market yourself and your art work and connect with potential buyers, easily and confidently. You will be able to create a system that builds trust between you and your customers so that sales are always knowing at your door!

Module Summary

  • Branding 101

  • Email magic

  • Magnetic messaging

  • Finding your collectors

  • Copywriting

  • Content creation

  • Social Media Marketing


Module 4 -

Set up your Seamless Sales System

In Module 4 you will create a frictionless sales machine so that your customers can buy from you easily and whenever it suits them to buy.

By the end of this module, you will have created a professional, beautifully branded website and online shop, know the psychology of selling art, understand the importance of building relationships and have multiple income stream options!

On Completion, you will feel excited and confident about the sales machine you have created and revel in the consistent sales that arrive every month!

Module Summary -

  • Website

  • Setting up your online shop for success

  • Social media selling

  • Commissions

  • Building relationships

  • Launching collections

  • Selling in galleries

  • Selling without sleaze

  • Print on demand

  • Exhibitions and shows


Module 5 -

Magnetic Money Manifestor

This module is soooo powerful!!

It's time to smash any lingering 'starving artist' beliefs FOR GOOD!

This is probably one of the most important modules and is literally the magic sauce that makes everything else in your business work like a well oiled machine. ​

In this module I share my secret money manifesting techniques that have helped me reach incredible levels of income in my business and many other success mindset tools.

At the end of this module you will feel empowered, positive and absolutely certain that you will achieve your dreams no matter how big they are!

Module Summary

  • ​The power of your thoughts and how to use them to attract abundance and happiness

  • My very own abundant artist meditations

  • Vision boards and affirmations

  • How to stop playing small and dream big

  • Banishing the Starving Artist Myth for good!


Module 6 -

The Prosperity Supercharger

So once you have implemented the action steps in Modules 1 - 5 you and are happy with the progress you have made, you can now focus on SCALING your business!

This means investigating options for 'passive' income streams and building on your customer numbers. This is when you can multiple your income exponentially so get ready to watch those numbers double, triple or more!  

Module Summary -

  • Get ready to scale your business

  • Art licensing

  • Paid advertising

  • Media exposure

  • Hiring extra help

  • Courses and workshops

  • Passive income


And check out these amazing BONUSES...

Bonus 1

Branding for Artists

with Natasha Barnes

  • Learn how to BRAND YOUR BUSINESS with International, Award Winning contemporary artist Natasha Barnes.

  • Learn how branding yourself professionally can elevate your visibility, credibility and ignite those art sales!

  • Natasha has 30 years experience as a fine artist and sells her art for 5 figure price tags in the most exclusive galleries in London, New York and Hong Kong.  You are going to learn so much from this live training that just isn't available ANYWHERE else and you get to ask any questions you like!! 

Valued at  £497

Bonus 2

Art Shows

with Natasha Barnes

  • Attending Art fairs can be daunting for any newbie artist. My special art fair expert guest will have you feeling confident , knowledgable and ready to apply and attend Art Fairs with pride and professionalism. 

  • Art fairs are an incredible way to get your name out there, expand your visibility to potential customers and licensing clients. You will finally be equipped with all the tools you need to go all in with Art Fairs !

Valued at  £497

Bonus 3

Set up your Instagram to WOW!

with Social Media Guru Jocelyne Shults 

  • Learn the secrets of creating an instagram account that 'stops the scroll' So that you can grow your following with ease and attract the right kind of follower.

  • Having a curated Social media feed will help you to attract your DREAM BUYERS so getting it right from the start will save you time and money! This is unmissible training!

Valued at  £497

Bonus 4 

Facebook ads for artists - Guest Expert Training.  

  • Does the mere sound of FACEBOOK ADS make you quiver? Well fear no more as I have got you covered!

  • My amazing Guest Expert Emily Dolton FaceBook Ad Diva will be showing you how you can easily set up ads for your website, online shop or to simply to get some brand exposure.

  • With step-by-step set up guides Emily makes creating ads a walk in the park and you will finally feel empowered to scale your business with confidence!

Valued at  £497

Bonus 5

Email Sequence Templates

  • This Bonus is going to save you hours if not DAYS of time and eliminate potential email writing meltdowns!

  • Sitting down to write emails to announce your new art collections or welcome & nurture your new followers can be really scary for artists!

  • So let me make this EASY for you! As a special bonus, I will provide you with email sequence TEMPLATES that you can tailor for your own business!

Valued at  £497

Bonus 5

Email Sequence Templates

  • This Bonus is going to save you hours if not DAYS and eliminate potential email writing meltdowns!

  • Sitting down to write emails to announce your new art collections or welcome & nurture your new followers can be really scary for artists!

  • So let me make this EASY for you! As a special bonus, I will provide you with email sequence TEMPLATES that you can tailor for your own business!

Valued at  £497

Bonus 7 

Packaging and Shipping your Artwork.

In this video training, I show you exactly how I package and ship my artwork and in particular large scale art pieces so it takes the fear out of this part of the art process.  Once you know how simple it is to package your paintings you will be shipping them all over the world!!

Valued at  £497

Bonus 8

  Top Tips for approaching       Art Galleries Guide.

  • It can be daunting to approach galleries for new artists, so I make it super easy for you I have created a  a step-by-step guide to presenting yourself and your artwork to potential art galleries.

  • This guide will have your paintings hanging on gallery walls in no time and will have the Gallery Prices to match!

Valued at  £497

Bonus 9 

Instagram Post Templates designed especially for Artists 

  • Save time, money and eliminate tech overwhelm with these specially created Instagram post templates by graphic designer Rebecca Neale!

  • Creating branded content for Instagram or Facebook can be  overwhelming  when you first start out! These CANVA templates will take all the stress out of designing your own posts and will give you lots of ideas on how to sell your art on social media! 

Valued at  £497

So let's recap what's included...

Copy of  Lead Magnet & Offer


12 MODULES of prerecorded lessons, worksheets, cheat sheets, templates and audios.


 (Valued at £3500)

Live Calls

12 x Q & A group ZOOM calls with Ciara to ask questions and discuss all things art biz.


(Valued at £4,997)

Private Community

A fabulous PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY where you can ask questions, mix with fellow artists and share wins.


(Valued at £1,997)


9 Amazing BONUSES you won't find in any other art biz course!


(Valued at £3500)

of the Modules, Bonuses, Live calls and private community  is well over
over £15,000 

Inside the 6 Module Self Study Program , you will learn how to....


  • Get organised and get confident in running your own art business - finally, go PROFESSIONAL and get CEO Ready!

  • Create a stand out brand and get clear on your messaging.

  • Price your art with confidence.

  • Sell online and offline - get gallery prepared.

  • Know how to market yourself and your art.

  • Create a frictionless sales system that converts.

  • Develop a positive prosperous mindset.

  • Scale your business when the foundations are built.  

    and do all this without sacrificing your painting time and creativity...

Can you Relate?

Have you gotten so overwhelmed that you simply feel stuck and can’t move forward because you just don’t have a clear and defined plan to follow?

I totally hear you!!


Because not so long ago I felt exactly the same.


After running a NON-profit-producing art business for 8 years, I decided it was time to either give up completely or find out exactly what every other successful artist was doing and DO THAT!




I did! I figured out the KEY elements that are needed to run a REALLY PROSPEROUS, BURSTING WITH ABUNDANCE Art Business and now I hit consistent 5 figure months.


If you are READY to be the artist of your dreams, make more money than you can imagine and live a life of fulfilment in a career you absolutely LOVE then the PROSPEROUS ARTIST ACCELERATOR is for YOU!!!


It’s TIME for you to CLAIM your CREATIVE POWER and BE an AFFLUENT artist!

How the Accelerator Experience will help you:


  • Say goodbye to unpredictable intermittent sales and replace with  REGULAR PREDICTABLE SALES every single month.


  • Start PRICING YOUR ART to truly reflect your talent, skills and time and stop undervaluing yourself for good. 


  •  Attract your DREAM CUSTOMERS effortlessly without spending all your creative time posting on social media.


  • Feeling unnoticed and invisible among so many other talented artists? Finally, receive the recognition and visibility you deserve and allow yourself to rise into your true CREATIVE GENIUS.


  • Squash those fears and doubts that keep trying to sabotage your success and harness a POSITIVE, ABUNDANT MINDSET as your default setting! 

  • BUILD CONFIDENCE in your innate abilities to be a successful business person and artist.

  • MARKET yourself and your art with ease even if you are a self-confessed introvert (psst - that's me!)

  • Create a STANDOUT online presence through a website and social media even if the thought of tech makes you want to run and hide!

  • Learn how to SCALE YOUR BUSINESS so that you make money from your art while you sleep!

Who This is for?

  • Artists who are starting out and have sold a few pieces.

  • Artists who have been creating art and selling for a while but sales are inconsistent and income is unpredictable

  • Artists who are earning a consistent income but want to take it to the next level of prosperity!

  • It doesn't matter what type of artist you are, an oil painter, mixed media artist, abstract artist or watercolourist, as long as you have a beautiful product to sell you can make money from your art!

Who THis is NOT for

  • People who are not willing to invest in their business and themselves.

  • Absolute beginners

  • Artists who are looking for a magic bullet or quick fix  - building an art business takes passion, action, commitment and time.

 What's The Investment?

What is it like to work with me?

Ciara Gilmore

"I had been following Ciara for some time and saw how consistent she was in selling her art and just had to know her secrets!

Without a doubt, it was the best investment I've made for myself. I came away with lots of ideas and an action plan to follow!"


— Arlene Marks, Northern Ireland

Ciara Gilmore

"I am so thankful to have met Ciara! Ciara was so generous with her time, extensive knowledge and gave me a doable plan and timescale to work towards. And most importantly she believed in me! Within one month I had completed my first contemporary fine art collection, published my website, launched my Instagram and to my sheer joy, had my collection accepted into a gallery! I am loving my art journey so far and can't wait to see what the future holds!"

— Barabara Conway, Ireland

Wanna be a SOLD OUT artist
I'm sure you have looked around and you know that to sign up for a business course with this much value normally costs thousands.
And it wouldn't have the focus of an ART business!
In fact, you won't ever learn this insider know-how from Art College or night school. This is experience and knowledge you won't find in a textbook or in free YouTube videos. This program is drawn from expert knowledge and 30 years of experience... from someone who has made all the mistakes and wants to make sure you avoid those exact mistakes and instead take the right action to move your business forward!
​The total value of this comprehensive course with all the lessons, support and extra bonuses is worth well over £15,000. 

But I have decided to make it REALLY accessible for you and have priced it at






Why have I discounted this?...

because I know how it feels to be right where you are and know how difficult it is to find all the answers. 

...and  I know you are going to be astounded by how much transformation you will achieve in such a short window of time...

AND I'm including 9 AMAZING BONUSES with this amazing price!!!!

Oh and if you PAY IN FULL

you will receive my

Grow your Instagram Intensive workshop  worth £597!!

accelerator pricing options

Frequently Asked Questions

Q I am so busy. How will I fit everything in?

I totally get that life can sometimes take over. That's why I make sure my lessons contain the KEY points needed so that you can watch and implement them quickly without rushing through lots of overwhelming information.


The videos and lessons should not take up any more than 1.5 hours per week to watch and read. Each video is on average, 10 - 30 minutes long. You will need extra time on top of that to implement the teachings.


But remember you can complete this course at your OWN PACE. There is no pressure to complete everything within the 6 weeks. 

Q How long do I have access to the program?

You will have 6 months access to the Private Facebook Group and Group Zoom calls and 12 months access to the course curriculum.

Q How much access is there to the art business coach during the program?

Ciara in the wings throughout your time in the program, guiding and supporting you as you implement what you have learned and move confidently on your way to successful art business.


Ciara will be active inside the Facebook group twice a week and will host 1 group monthly Zoom call Q&A where you can ask any business-related questions.


The program is SELF STUDY in nature so if you require more in-depth support you may wish to enrol in the 121 coaching program.  

Q What if I go in and realise it's not for me?

Don’t worry, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. See details below under OUR REFUND POLICY.

Refund Policy

Ciara gilmore

We know that if you watch the videos in the course and do the work, you will see yourself transform your business from struggle to Profitable!

That's why we are giving you a full 14 days from the date of purchase. To apply for a  refund, you can email your request to during the refund period.

It’s as simple as that.

Strictly no refunds after the 14 day period has passed.

We hope you agree that this policy gives you enough time to figure out if the class is a good fit for you.

More Student Appreciation

"I feel so lucky to have found Ciara. Getting to learn from her has been one of my favourite things this year. Her knowledge and willingness to share never disappoint. She is kind, warm and encouraging; always a great day when I get to spend time and learn from her."



Mari Harsan, Washington DC

my arts

What People Say....

"Ciara is kind and so optimistic and she still manages to direct us, always in complete honesty. Her passion for her work shows through in the way Ciara talks about painting and all the knowledge that comes with it."

Melanie Issac

"Ciara has a very warm and friendly approach. She doesn’t hold back on sharing information about her practice either in the video demonstrations or the zoom meetings."

Alison Heath

"Ciara is a talented, sincere and generous mentor - through working with her and being part of her learning community, I've gained confidence  and learned so much "

Siobhan Heraty

You don't have to invest in this program.

It's obviously your call... but let me ask you something...

If making a living from your art is calling your name, why aren't you taking action?

If this is your dream, why wouldn't you try everything in your power to realise your creative calling and discover a life filled with joy, fulfilment and abundance?

'Don't give up on your dreams of being a successful artist! You have everything it takes to create an amazing art career... you just need a little gentle guidance in the right direction and the courage to take that first step!'

Ciara xo

Ciara gilmore
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