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'The 3-Step 
Abstract Alchemy Method for Creating Accomplished Abstract Art that Actually Sells!'

If you are craving SUCCESS and accomplishment in your abstract art practice but just don't know where to start......



Ready to go from amateur artist to sold-out abstract artist? 

Then let me welcome you to my free training.....

Simply select your best date and time below to watch the Masterclass!

    Here's what you will learn in the FREE Masterclass:

  • The TOP 3 mistakes artists make and why they could be holding you back from being a SUCCESSFUL well paid abstract artist....


  • The SECRETS to avoiding these mistakes and what you REALLY need to be doing to create abstract art that is good enough to sell.

I introduce you to my simple
3-Step 'Abstract Alchemy Method'
for creating gallery-worthy abstract art that sells!

We dive into HOW the 3 phases of my 'ALCHEMY' method


can TRANSFORM your Abstract Art
And so much more!


Here's what artists are saying about the Masterclass!

webinar - Ciara Gilmore
webinar - Ciara Gilmore
webinar - Ciara Gilmore
webinar - Ciara Gilmore

Introducing your Art Tutor, Ciara Gilmore

Hi there!

My name is Ciara Gilmore and I'm a professional Abstract Artist from Ireland.

I have been on such an incredible creative journey over the last few years during which, I finally discovered the secrets to creating high-quality abstract art that I am super proud of and that sells...... consistently!

In fact, there has never been a better time to be an abstract artist! With the ease of worldwide connection through the web and social media, you can be an international art selling machine!
I am living proof of this and have had the best financial year in my entire career during a pandemic!


I'm going to share my biggest insights with you, so hop on to the FREE training and let's get started! 

Ciara xo


What's going on in the Masterclass chat!

What happens next -

Once you submit your name and email address you will be registered to watch the webinar on the date and time you have chosen. You will receive a confirmation email with all the details and the link for the webinar. Remember to save the date and time in your calendar! You will also be asked to CONFIRM your email subscription and it is very important that you do this so that you receive all the relevant details via email. 
If you can't find the emails don't forget to check your SPAM folder or PROMOTION tab.

NB You won't need any art materials or tools because this isn't a 'practical' training session.  I will be going through such a lot of valuable information regarding how to really level up the quality of your abstract art and I want your attention to be focused on that.  Teaching a single painting technique won't suddenly improve your paintings but learning what knowledge is critical to becoming a highly accomplished abstract painter will set you up for the next step in your art journey.

Can't wait to see you inside the Training!
Ciara xo

webinar - Ciara Gilmore
webianr - Ciara Gilmore
webinar - Ciara Gilmore
webinar - Ciara Gilmore
Ciara gilmore

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