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In case we haven't met yet...

I'm Ciara Gilmore and I am a professional abstract artist from Ireland with over 30 years of painting experience.

I fell in love with Abstract  Art in more recent years and once I started I seriously had the bug!
After only a couple of years of perfecting my skills and learning a lot, I discovered that what I was creating was being really well received and even better, I was getting consistent sales.
I felt a strong pull to teach others how I came to find such success so quickly in my art practice. 
I had taught a few workshops pre-pandemic but they weren't even in abstract painting... I was really new to this and had a major dose of imposter syndrome but I knew I had something important to share and I knew that sharing it could help many artists achieve success and build a profitable business.

I wanted to create an online course because it just made sense... no lugging around equipment to various venues, no researching venues and no restricted student numbers! 

The only problem I had was how to actually CREATE an online course.


I literally had no idea!

And that's where my mentor Amy Porterfield came in!

She was the missing link and all I needed to cross the finish line. 

Now I have a signature course called 'Abstract Art Evolution' which generated an amazing 16K in my very first launch and now  it gives me regular 10K + months.

I've been through it all...the mistakes, the headaches, the tears and the doubts.... 

My role now is to guide you through from course idea to course completion without the above list of rollercoaster lows!!

So when you join Digital Course Academy by Amy Porterfield not only will you receive the step by step formula to create your course BUT you will ALSO RECEIVE support and help from me!

Take a look below to see how I will be helping you during the 10 weeks of DIGITAL COURSE ACADEMY......

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The Doors to Digital Course Academy are officially open!!

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I remember when I first discovered Digital Course Academy this time last year,  I was so close to just bottling it!

I was just SOOOOO scared!!!

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to manage or understand the tech involved (I was 49 and tech stuff was what my 12 year old could do, not me!)

I only had an idea for a course but I had NO CLUE how to structure it, what to actually put in it and what to leave out...

I had only being doing abstract art for 2 years... seriously? Who was I to teach others how to paint abstract when I was relatively new to it myself? Enter 'Imposter Syndrome'!!

And I had a handful of people on my email list (I think they were probably friends and family) so where was I going to find people to actually BUY my online course? 

The FEARS felt REAL to me!!

BUT THE ACTUAL REALITY of creating a Digital course turned out to be the complete opposite of all my perceived fears!!

In fact, it was a REALLY fulfilling experience and not as scary as I had thought!
Yes, there was new stuff to learn, but Amy taught her system in such a way that it was easy to understand and implement.

DCA walked me through that step by step system that had me construct my course in no time!

The tech was so much easier in reality and the software I choose was really user and beginner-friendly!

And Amy also showed me how to build my email list so I had people to sell my course to!

And as for the imposter still appears from time to time, but I soon realised that what I had to share was too important to keep hidden inside my head.
And I'm so glad I did because not only has my digital course changed my life in terms of financial reward and time freedom, I have also seen incredible transformations in my students that have changed their lives for the better too.

So whether you are looking to create an extra income stream or are starting from scratch with something you want to teach, Digital Course Academy will help you get there in the fastest possible way!!


Let's do this!!!

Remember you only need to have an idea for a course! Amy will help you grow that idea into an actual online course!

What are you waiting for?

This could be your ticket to giving up your 9 - 5 job, a retirement fund, or just having that extra income to allow you to do those things you have on your bucket list!

And I will be with you for the entire 10 weeks of DCA guiding and supporting. I will be sharing what mistakes to avoid and what really works!

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“I almost didn’t sign up for DCA because I didn’t have an email list. Boy, that would’ve been a mistake. I just had a $49K launch and quit my job to work on my business full time!!!”

Nicole Nieves.

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