Discover the critical skills that every abstract artist must master in order to create HIGH-QUALITY ACCOMPLISHED Abstract Art that SELLS.

Introducing ...

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Abstract Art Evolution will take you from an amateur abstract artist to a confident artist who creates accomplished paintings that sell!

Most people think that abstract art is easy..... take it from someone who has been painting for 30+ can't just pick up a paint brush one day and call yourself an abstract artist.

It doesn't work like that.


And the longer you avoid learning these KEY FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS, the longer it'll take you to create sophisticated paintings.... you know the kind that you are super proud of and that actually sell?

Do you ever create a piece of abstract art and think to yourself, "Gosh, there's something missing and I just don't know what it is..."

You keep looking and just can't put your finger on what the missing ingredient is?

It's probably because you haven't mastered the key fundamental areas that will allow you to take a painting from mediocre to worthy of hanging in a gallery.

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- Stop daydreaming

- Get a real job

- Find a passion that will put food on the table.....

Being an artist, daring to even call yourself that word out loud, invites everyone and their aunt's unwanted opinion...

Most of the time these people really have your best interest at heart and want you to stop getting hurt. They want to keep you in what they perceive as a safety zone. 

But only you really know the creative calling within!

If creating art, painting from your soul, and feeling free feels like what you were put on this earth to do... then IT IS! It's as simple as that.

When you know, you know.

It's your birthright to follow that calling to be an artist.

Being an artist isn't an inferior profession, nor is it just a hobby.

And it is EASIER now than ever before to make what non-artists call a "Real Living" from your work. 

It's not only possible to make money from your art... it's also possible to really make a name for yourself. 

It's not like years ago when you had to rely on galleries and exhibitions to sell your work, we can connect with the WHOLE WORLD through the web. In fact, I sell most of my 4 Figure artwork from social media and my online shop! I'm not limited to my local geographical area.

And I am here to teach you how you can too!

Right now you may be .....

  • feeling a bit lost as to how to elevate your art so it is good enough to sell.

  • comparing yourself to other artists you admire on Instagram or Pinterest and thinking 'I'll  never be as good as them'.

  • just starting out in abstract and craving guidance on different painting techniques and needing to understand the foundations of Abstract.

  • painting abstract art for a while but have struggled to create vibrant, accomplished paintings that you are proud of and that you want to share with the world. creating paintings that are ‘all over the place’ and you want to identify your signature style.

  • losing yourself down the rabbit hole of free painting YouTube videos only to find you are still no further forward and have wasted a ton load of time!


If this sounds like you, Don't worry, I have got you covered...

It doesn't have to be a struggle. 

There really is an EASIER way!

Welcome to Abstract Art Evolution!

I have developed a SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM that will equip you with the essential SKILLS needed to become a masterful GALLERY-WORTHY abstract artist!

In only 8 weeks you will be creating accomplished ACRYLIC abstract art that you will be proud to share with the world and will have collectors lining up to purchase your art!

Inside the 8-week program, you will learn how to....

  • paint gallery-worthy abstract art with ease & confidence.

  • blend acrylics like an oil painter ( I share my super-secret blending technique!).

  • create paintings rich in vibrancy and depth that will captivate and connect with potential buyers.

  • cultivate your unique signature painting style and start selling high-quality paintings like hotcakes!

  • become the artist you have dreamed of becoming and prove to your friends and family that you really CAN make money from selling art!


Abstract Art Evolution Students are crushing it!

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Let's face it...

The struggle of creating high quality abstract art is real! 


I know this because I was a beginner too and struggled to master the basics BUT I  have emerged as a successful accomplished artist and YOU can achieve this too!


And what's even better ........

I am going to show you how to achieve this WITHOUT the frustration and overwhelm!

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I'm Ciara Gilmore and I am a professional abstract artist from Ireland with over 30 years of painting experience.

I fell in love with Abstract  Art in more recent years and when I started I hadn't a clue what I was doing!
Seriously.....NO CLUE AT ALL!!

Like so many others, I believed that abstract art would be super easy - a splash of paint here, a splash of paint there and that's it done! No need to learn about colour theory or composition... Just go with the flow, use your intuition.... and you will create masterpieces!

but the truth was I felt frustrated, deflated and my paintings were more often than not, a muddy mess!


Once I accepted that I couldn't improve my art in isolation or rely solely on my intuition, I made it my mission to become the best artist I could be!

I experimented. I practised. I taught myself through lots of courses. 

Finally, I felt really happy with what I had achieved.

In fact, I went from an amateur abstract artist to a professional in just over ONE YEAR and I had the best year in my art business in 2020!

Yes during a pandemic!!

I had gone from creating art that was 'soso' to art that was breathtaking, sophisticated AND selling at 3 times my original prices.

I was also accepted into the very first gallery I applied to!

Now I am selling my art for 4 figure price tags and can't keep up with demand!

So, I’m pulling back the curtain and revealing EVERYTHING I’ve learned to create abstract art with a  4 figure price tag! AND I am going to teach you the KEY lessons needed to accelerate your painting skills in manageable bite-sized steps so you won't get overwhelmed and can get results FAST! 


So what's inside Abstract Art Evolution?

Module 1

Introduction to Acrylic Abstraction

Knowing the fundamentals of your core topic is imperative to success. In this module we explore the paints and tools we use and also the concept of abstract art. We also cover some mindset hacks (like getting into creative flow and harnessing intuition) that set the stage for all thriving artists. After Module 1 you will have so many 'aha' moments and your confidence will already be starting to build!

Module Highlights:

  • Studio setup.

  • Tools of the trade.

  • Get to know your painting medium.

  • Different types of abstraction.

  • How to activate the canvas.

  • Mark making.

  • Getting into the creative flow.

  • Harnessing your intuition.


VALUE: £625

Module 2

Colour, Beautiful Colour

Discover how increasing your knowledge of colour theory can enhance your paintings. Learn the secrets of creating abstracts that pop with vibrant colour without the common problem of creating MUD! 

Module Highlights:

  • Use the colour wheel to your advantage.

  • Learn the colour secrets that will transform your paintings

  • How to create colour harmony.

  • Choose the right colour palette.

  • Colour and emotions.

  • Transparent vs opaque.

  • Creating colour intensity.


VALUE : £625

Module 3

Painting Techniques Explored

This module is a student favorite! Learn how to use various tools of the trade, like the humble palette knife, different brushes, mediums, oil pastels, acrylic paint pens, etc. 

By the end of this module you will be a whizz at the palette knife, blend like an oil painter and create texture that wows!

Module Highlights:

  • Blending Acrylics the EASY way.

  • Using Texture in your art.

  • How to use different mediums.

  • Glazing techniques.

  • How to create Depth in your paintings

VALUE : £625

Module 4

Instant Inspiration

This is a good one! This module teaches you to find and use inspiration so you are never left with blank canvas anxiety. It also starts with helping to discover what really lights you up and how you can incorporate that into your signature style. You will be well on your way to developing your own style by the end of Module 4.

Module Highlights:

  • Where to find Inspiration.

  • How to use inspiration in your art.

  • Being inspired by other artists without copying.

  • Being inspired by the essence of YOU.

  • Using technology to help find inspiration and assist in your painting process.


VALUE : £625

Module 5

Eye-Catching Design

This is one of the most important Modules. Learn how to create beautifully designed art through understanding and applying the rules of strong composition. This module will have you creating paintings with masterful compositions that will captivate your potential buyers.

Module Highlights:

  • The importance of great composition.

  • Key composition designs.

  • How to use composition to create eye-catching artwork.

  • Create drama and energy through powerful composition.


Module 6

Unlock Your Unique Artistic Voice

It’s essential for any artist, especially an abstract artist, to harness their unique artist voice. In this module, I will show you how to do just that. The best part? I break it down in a simple yet impactful way that makes it easy to unlock and tap into. You will be well on your way to developing your very own unique signature style by the end of Module 6!!

Module Highlights:

  • Working on a series.

  • Consolidating the techniques you have learned with what lights you up.

  • Recording your process.

  • Use details and mark making to transform your artwork.

VALUE: £625

Module 7

The Confident Artist

Oh, you’re going to LOVE this one! In this module, we will find out why we can be riddled with self-doubt and be our own worst critic. We will explore and learn strategies to counteract this negative mindset that will help accelerate you and your artwork to the next level of mastery. Doubt and fear will be shown the door so you can step into the vision of the artist you have always dreamt of becoming!

Module Highlights:

  • Creating positive mindset habits.

  • Understanding, respecting and learning how to trust the creative process.

  • Painting and dreaming BIG!

VALUE: £625

Module 8

The Finish Line

Not sure when to stop painting? This is a challenge that plagues many abstract artists. In this module, you will learn how to finish your painting. Perhaps more importantly, I will teach you how to evaluate your painting so you know for certain it is really finished and ready to sell! Oh and its time to paint BIG in Module 8! Big paintings = Big profits! 

Module Highlights:

  • How to evaluate your artwork.

  • Varnishing 101.

  • Prepare your paintings for hanging and sale.

  • Floral inspired abstracts

  • Your onward journey - what's next? 

VALUE: £625

 Abstract Art Evolution is an 8-week programme that will teach you everything you need to know to catapult you from amateur to a confident and skilled artist whose paintings turn heads and commands prices you never dreamt possible!

EVEN IF you have only just begun to dabble in abstract,
EVEN IF you have had no prior art training,
 and EVEN IF you are riddled with self-doubt and struggle with confidence.


What former students are saying:

faye winter.jpg

Faye Winters, Scotland

Abstract Art Evolution is everything I had hoped for. It has brought me amazing insight into my own artistic development. Through learning about techniques, following along with painting videos and Ciara’s guidance, my artwork  has evolved towards my signature style. I have gained so much more confidence in my own art journey thanks to Ciara and I am so thankful. Ciara is so warm and genuine. I would highly recommend Abstract Art Evolution to anyone who wants to dive into the world of abstract art!

kelly schaub.jfif

Kelly Schaub, Indiana

Abstract Art Evolution is an awesome course! I love abstract art but really knew nothing about how to go about creating it. Ciara shows you all the secrets of using textures, color values, brush strokes and layering your paints. And of course so much more! I have grown in confidence about my painting since taking her course! She’s so talented and sincere. It’s definitely worth your time and investment!  


Tandy Pengelly , France

I have absolutely loved Abstract Evolution course, it has been the impetus behind me returning back to Abstract Expressionism. Ciara has produced an amazing course for all levels of artists, at any stage of their creative journey. It is professional, easy to follow and motivating.  If you are interested in evolving your art into Abstract work, then this is certainly a course that I would highly recommend.'

course mock up no extra bonus AAE.jpg

What is the investment? 


I'm sure you have looked around and you know that to sign up for a course with this much value normally costs thousands. In fact, if you were going to Art College you would be spending 10's of thousands of dollars or pounds just to complete your course. (And it would take you years!)
The total value of this comprehensive course with all the lessons, support and extra bonuses is worth over £9000. 

But I have decided to make it REALLY accessible for you and have priced it at £997!

Why have I discounted this.....

because I know how it feels to be right where you are and know how difficult it is to find all the answers.

So I want this to be accessible for you and I know this course works, and  I know you are going to be astounded by how much transformation you will achieve in such a short window of time....

AND I'm including some AMAZING BONUSES with this amazing price!!!!


Here's what you get in Abstract Art Evolution....

8 Modules packed with pre-recorded videos and presentations teaching painting processes, techniques, exercises, and theory. Downloadable cheat sheets, tips, guides and printable posters. And you can keep going back to rewatch the lessons as often as you like! It's like you are painting in my studio with me!

Valued at £4997

BONUS 1: The HIGH VIBE Private Facebook Community.  Join fellow artists and share your progress and paintings. I will be right there with high-level personal guidance and support no matter how long it takes to complete the programme. This bonus alone is worth its weight in gold!  Valued at £997

BONUS 2: Exclusive access to the Facebook Graduate Group after you have completed the course.

Stay in touch with your fellow artist friends and support each other on your journey forward as a thriving abstract artist. 

Valued at £497

BONUS 3: Monthly Live group Q & A sessions with your instructor to discuss anything related to your art process and course progress. Join your fellow students in these highly interactive, fun and empowering coaching sessions lead by your tutor, Ciara Gilmore. You are welcome any time, even after you have completed the program! These sessions are on zoom and are recorded.

Valued at £497

BONUS 4: How to price your artwork Guide.

So many artists struggle with pricing their paintings when they start out. Price too low and it won't sell...price too high and it won't sell... In my exclusive guide, I show you how to find that SWEET SPOT where your art will sell! (valued at  £297)

BONUS 5: Top Tips for approaching Art Galleries Guide. Once you start creating amazing abstract paintings you will be ready to approach galleries to show your artwork. It can be daunting for new artists starting out, so I make it super easy by giving you a step-by-step guide to presenting yourself and your artwork to potential art galleries. This guide will have your paintings hanging on gallery walls in no time!

(valued at £297)

BONUS 6: Packaging and Shipping your Artwork.

In this video training, I show you exactly how I package and ship my artwork and in particular large scale art pieces so it takes the fear out of this part of the art process.  Once you know how simple it is to package your paintings you will be shipping them all over the world!! (Valued at £297)

BONUS 7: Access to a Library of recorded coaching calls. There has been so much value in ZOOM calls with previous students that I have made all of these available to watch inside the online classroom! And I have included some guest speaker calls in there too! AND you will have access to any future recorded group sessions even if you have finished the program.

(valued at £795)

BONUS 8: Lifetime access to course material and FREE access to any new teaching material added to the classroom! This is seriously insane value as many other art courses only allow access for up to one year! But you have the privilege of watching and rewatching the trainings as often as you like and whenever it suits you to watch.  

(valued at £997)​

And If you prefer to spread the cost I have got you covered!

Register for Abstract Art Evolution today & you can choose the PAYMENT PLAN at check out.

Choose to pay 3 monthly instalments of £367.

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Abstract Art Evolution Students are being represented by Art Galleries!


So are you ready to make your art hobby into a side hustle?

Maybe you are worried there might be too much competition?

Listen, I know what is out there and there is plenty of room for YOU and YOUR art because your art will be completely unique to YOU and your art will connect to different people the way other art connects to different people.

BUT with your newfound expert painting skills  (that I will teach you inside this program) your art is going to majorly stand out .... it is going to be mesmerising, masterful and tantalisingly tempting for anyone that sees it! 


Abstract Art Evolution artists are selling art for more than they had ever imagined!

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The Beauty about this program is that it's an 8-week course with bite-sized (10 - 30 minutes) trainings that you can work on anytime.

You DON'T have to attend college.

You DON'T have to get an art degree.

You also DO NOT have to pay tens of thousands of dollars every single year (for 4 years) on college tuition....
All the while not really knowing if you'll make it as an artist.
So many people do this and it just isn't needed!

That's why I created Abstract Art Evolution!

I understand that your TIME is PRECIOUS and that's why I created a course that will produce results quickly and with the least time commitment possible.

This program has you covered all the way from how to create depth in your work to how to approach galleries once your masterpiece is complete.

Examples of Student Work

alison leith.jfif

A glorious atmospheric abstract by Abstract Art Evolution student.


Alison Leith, England

thumbnail (1).jfif
wendy perez.jpg

Fearless Abstract Art from Abstract Art Evolution Student. 

 Wendy Perez

wendy P.jpg

You don't have to invest in this program.

It's obviously your call...but let me ask you something....

If artistry is calling your name, why aren't you taking action?

If this is your dream, why wouldn't you try everything in your power to realise your creative calling and discover a life filled with joy and fulfilment?


Student Testimonials

thumbnail (1).jfif

Alison Leith, England

Ciara has a very warm and friendly approach. She doesn’t hold back on sharing information about her practice either in the video demonstrations or the zoom meetings. 

I think the course represents good value for money and gave a terrific amount of information both on the practical side of abstract painting and areas such as where to find inspiration and on the business side including how to go about selling your art.


Jamie De Guire, USA

Ciara, thank you! I am so grateful for you and your ambition in putting this course together! You’ve truly helped me to transform my art and my unique artistic voice and style! I couldn't have done this without your help, guidance, exercises, and determination of helping me to step outside of my comfort zone. Thank you, again!!

Screenshot (1).png

Mari Harsan

I feel so lucky to have found Ciara. Getting to learn from her has been one of my favorite things this year. Her knowledge and willingness to share never disappoints. Learning how to use colors to make a painting stand out and different brush techniques helped me achieve what I was looking for. Her way of teaching is so easy and after each lesson I was more aware of what was missing and more inspired to paint and find my voice. 

Do you ever find yourself......

- Lacking in belief in your own skills as an artist?
- Comparing yourself to other artists?
- Always wondering if your work is actually 'GOOD ENOUGH' and whether you really have what it takes to make it as an artist?

It's not always easy to combat the inner critic that lurks in our own minds.

As artists, I think we are our worst critics.

But I have to tell you.... when you learn how to quiet those negative thoughts and inner critical chatter, it becomes easy to let your creativity and intuition flow.

You get to paint from a place of TRUE FREEDOM.

You allow your SOUL'S WORK to come through onto the canvas.

When you can really let go and just paint, it really is a beautiful thing. Not only do you enjoy the process.... your paintings start to connect to people like never before. 

And mix this free-flowing intuitive painting with the knowledge of the fundamentals of painting abstract and you have yourself a dynamite combination!

You will be creating paintings that connect SO powerfully with the viewer that they will have no choice but to press that BUY button.

In Abstract Art Evolution I will give you all the strategies you need to build a mindset for success so that you can confidently create, share and sell with ease.

Students celebrate their success inside the Facebook Group 


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thumbnail (18).jpg
Copy of Before After & Success Story Posts _ TTT Template (2).png

Sneak Peek Video

student art 2 (1).jpg

What Abstract Art Evolution Students are Saying.....

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thumbnail (12).jpg
thumbnail (13).jpg

When you enrol in Abstract Art Evolution you will receive:

  • Abstract Art Evolution for an amazing price of £997

 Once enrolled, you will have access straight away and be able to...

  • Enjoy 8 weeks of value-packed modules where you will learn how to paint proficiently and confidently and finally create artwork you are proud of and love!


  • Understand the key steps to create a beautiful piece of abstract art.


  • Learn how to evaluate and critique your own work.


  • Paint with intuition and allow your inner voice to shine through.


  • Find out what lights you up and inspires your paintings.

Plus These Amazing Extras!


  • BONUS 1: Private classroom Facebook Community

  • BONUS 2 : Exclusive access to the Facebook Peer Support  Graduate Group

  • BONUS 3: Monthly Live group Q & A sessions with your tutor to discuss anything painting-related.



  • BONUS 4 : How to price your artwork Guide (valued at  £197)

  • BONUS 5 : Top Tips for approaching Art Galleries  Guide (valued at £197)

  • BONUS 6 : Packaging and Shipping your Artwork Guide (Valued at £197)

  • BONUS 7: Access to a Library of recorded coaching calls (valued at £995)

  • BONUS 8: Lifetime access to course material and  FREE access to any new teaching material added to the classroom! (Priceless!)

And If you prefer to spread the cost I have got you covered!

Register for Abstract Art Evolution today  and you can choose the PAYMENT PLAN at check out. Choose to pay 3 monthly instalments of £367.