Learn the secrets to painting Abstract Art like a Pro without spending years in art college or riding the rollercoaster of self teaching.

Introducing ...

The Ultimate Art Course To Unleash Your Artistic Brilliance  and Reveal the Confident Artist Within!  

for artists who want to start creating accomplished art that sells

  • Right now you may be feeling a bit lost as to how to elevate your art so it is good enough to sell.

  • You may be  comparing yourself to other artists you admire on Instagram or Pinterest and thinking 'I'll never be as good as them'.

  • Perhaps you are an artist just starting out in abstract and craving guidance on different painting techniques and needing to understand the foundations of Abstract.

  • Or maybe you have been painting abstract art for a while but have struggled to create vibrant, accomplished paintings that you really love.

  • Maybe you create paintings that are ‘all over the place’ and you want to hone your signature style.

  • Perhaps you are losing yourself down the rabbit hole of free painting YouTube videos only to find you are still no further forward. 


If you are nodding your head to any or all of these, then you have come to the right place!

It really doesn't have to be a struggle. 

There really is an easier way!

I have developed a COMPLETE SYSTEM that allows you to gain the CRITICAL SKILLS needed to be the best possible abstract artist you can be!

Abstract Art Evolution is my signature Art Course which will equip you with everything you need to go from amateur to accomplished abstract artist in only 8 weeks!

Inside the 8-week program, you will discover your ability to paint abstract art with ease & confidence. You will learn how to blend acrylics like a pro, create paintings rich in vibrancy and depth, learn how to recognise the difference between a poor vs a great painting and you will begin to cultivate your unique signature style.


By the end of the program you will be ready to share your artwork to potential collectors and start making a profit from your beautiful creations.

Let's face it...

The struggle of creating accomplished abstract art is real! 


I know this because I went through it all and came out the other side.


Now, I’m here to help you do the same but minus the frustration and overwhelm.

My name is Ciara Gilmore and I have been painting for over 30 years. Through the years I have tried many different painting styles and mediums. But it wasn’t until I discovered abstract art that I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be!

It felt like home to me. 

However, I naively made the assumption that abstract art would be easy, just splash a few paints around the canvas and Bob's your uncle! 

But I was wrong… so wrong.

Sure, I made A LOT of mistakes, but I never let anything beat me. 

I experimented.  I practiced. And I practiced some more. I taught myself through personal study and lots of courses. 

Finally, I felt really happy with what I had achieved. In fact, I went from an amateur abstract artists to a professional abstract artist in just ONE YEAR and had the best year in my art business in 2020!

Now, I’m pulling back the curtain and revealing EVERYTHING I’ve learned in my 30+ years of experience!

  Sign up Abstract Art Evolution today 

By the end of this programme, you will have learnt to...

Create Vibrant Abstract Art

Elevate your art from dull and lifeless to vibrant and beautiful! You will be well on your way to selling your art to avid collectors. Not only will you know how to avoid making mud you'll also gain an in-depth understanding of colour theory and how to mix colour like a pro.


Blend Acrylics Like An Oil Painter

Learn the SECRET Blending technique that I hold so close to my chest. NO more streaky paint brush marks, just beautifully soft seamlessly blended paint.


Create Abstract Art with Depth

You will never paint flat uninteresting art again! Abstract art NEEDS depth. Why? Our paintings feel lifeless and disconnected without it.  You will learn to create depth by using composition, values, texture and layering.


Paint Bigger, Looser And With More Freedom

Say hello to the real painter hiding within! Release your true potential and use your intuition to paint bold, free abstracts. Say goodbye to rigid brush strokes and feel the freedom of painting more loosely.


Paint Abstract Art With Confidence

Release self-doubt and wave goodbye to your inner critic. You will learn how to build your confidence and self-belief as an artist through a variety of tried and true techniques. You CAN do this! You can paint abstract art with confidence.


Paint A Variety of Abstract Art

Not sure which type of Abstraction is your thing? Discover a wide range of different types of abstract and discover what lights you up most.


How To Start And Finish A Painting With Ease

Finally! No more frustration and overwhelm. We all know the anxiety of staring at a blank canvas and the pain of never knowing when your painting is ‘DONE’. You will be guided through various techniques to help you find inspiration, activate your canvas, begin your process, get through that notorious UGLY stage and finally evaluate and adjust.


Develop Your Very Own Signature Style

Having artwork that is recognisable as our own is such a wonderful feeling, not to mention Art Galleries and collectors love it! But developing a cohesive, consistent style takes time and practice and can definitely be a frustrating part of your creative journey. During the 8 weeks and beyond you'll begin to discover your signature style through exploration, experimentation and connecting to your own intuitive creative voice. You'll begin to reveal what makes your art truly YOU and learn what you really love about your unique art.


How To Finish Your Painting 

Presentation is key!

Presenting your finished painting professionally is so important and it is also a step that is frequently missed out in the painting process. After learning how to paint abstract art, you will learn how to varnish, add hanging attachments, sign and record so you can present your work confidently to sell online or through galleries.


 Abstract Art Evolution is an 8 week programme that will teach you exactly how to take your abstract art to the next level..... 

EVEN IF you have only just began to dabble in abstract,

EVEN IF you have had no prior art training,

 and EVEN IF you are riddled with self doubt and struggle with confidence.



What former students are saying:

Faye Winters, Scotland

Abstract Art Evolution is everything I had hoped for. It has brought me amazing insight into my own artistic development. Through learning about techniques, following along with painting videos and Ciara’s guidance, my artwork  has evolved towards my signature style. I have gained so much more confidence in my own art journey thanks to Ciara and I am so thankful. Ciara is so warm and genuine. I would highly recommend Abstract Art Evolution to anyone who wants to dive into the world of abstract art!

Kelly Schaub, Indiana

Abstract Art Evolution is an awesome course! I love abstract art but really knew nothing about how to go about creating it. Ciara shows you all the secrets of using textures, color values, brush strokes and layering your paints. And of course so much more! I have grown in confidence about my painting since taking her course! She’s so talented and sincere. It’s definitely worth your time and investment!  

Tandy Pengelly , France

I have absolutely loved Abstract Evolution course, it has been the impetus behind me returning back to Abstract Expressionism. Ciara has produced an amazing course for all levels of artists, at any stage of their creative journey. It is professional, easy to follow and motivating.  If you are interested in evolving your art into Abstract work, then this is certainly a course that I would highly recommend.'

Examples of STUDENT WORK...

alison leith.jfif

A glorious atmospheric abstract by Abstract Art Evolution student.


Alison Leith, England

Fearless Abstract Art from Abstract Art Evolution Student. 

 Karen Rodgers

What is the investment? 


I'm sure you have looked around and you know that to sign up for a course with this much value normally costs thousands. The total value of this comprehensive course with all the lessons, support and extra bonuses is worth over £9000. 

But I have decided to make it REALLY accessible for you and have priced it at £997!


AND I'm including some AMAZING BONUSES with this amazing price!!!!


(And don't worry you can split the cost over 3 months)

This is what you'll get in ABSTRACT ART EVOLUTION:

  • 8 Modules packed with pre-recorded videos and presentations teaching painting processes, techniques, exercises, and theory. Valued at £4997

  • BONUS 1: Private classroom Facebook Community  with group coaching Valued at £997

  • BONUS 2: Exclusive access to the Facebook Graduate Group Valued at £497

  • BONUS 3: 2 x Live group Q & A sessions with your instructor to discuss anything related to your art process and course progress. Valued at £497



  • BONUS 4 : How to price your artwork (valued at  £197)

  • BONUS 5 : Top Tips for approaching Art Galleries (valued at £197)

  • BONUS 6 : Packaging and Shipping your Artwork (Valued at £197)

  • BONUS 7: Access to a Library of recorded coaching calls (valued at £995)

  • BONUS 8: Lifetime access to course material and  FREE access to any new teaching material added to the classroom! (Priceless!)

  •  Pay in Full- BONUS and you will also receive 'From Hobbyist to Pro -  How to Kick Start your Art Business and start selling!  (Valued at £497)

And If you prefer to spread the cost I have got you covered!

Register for Abstract Art Evolution today & you can choose the PAYMENT PLAN at check out. Choose to pay 3 monthly  installments of £367.


Are you ready to level up your art?

Abstract Art Evolution is a course for artists who are ....

  • At any stage of their creative journey, whether it be beginner, intermediate or advanced.

  • Experience using acrylic paint is recommended. 

  • This is an 8-week journey from start to finish, with one module being released every week.

  • The course will be delivered through a series of video demos, presentations, written cheat sheets and workbooks.

  • You will also have access to our private Facebook group and 4 live ZOOM Q and A sessions.

  • Video demonstrations will share techniques as well as the painting process.

  • Video topics will include how to paint atmospheric art, colourful abstracts,  abstract landscapes, abstract florals, skyscapes and much more.

  • You will be encouraged to complete suggested exercises to help you integrate what you have learned.

  • I will be by your side throughout, guiding and supporting you as you master your painting process, implement what you have learned and move confidently on your way to a successful art business if that is your goal.

  • In Abstract Art Evolution, you will not only gain the skills, techniques and know-how to excel as an abstract artist, but you will also have the support and community of your fellow classmates through our private and interactive Facebook group.


What’s Inside Abstract Art Evolution?

Lets break it down

Module 1

Introduction to Acrylic Abstraction

Knowing the fundamentals of your core topic is imperative to success. In this module we explore the paints and tools we use and also the concept of abstract art. We also cover some mindset hacks (like getting into creative flow and harnessing intuition) that set the stage for all thriving artists.

Module Highlights:

  • Studio setup.

  • Tools of the trade.

  • Get to know your painting medium.

  • Different types of abstraction.

  • How to activate the canvas.

  • Mark making.

  • Getting into the creative flow.

  • Harnessing your intuition.

Module 2

Colour, Beautiful Colour

Discover how increasing your knowledge of colour theory can enhance your paintings. Learn the secrets of creating abstracts that pop with vibrant colour without the common problem of creating MUD!

Module Highlights:

  • Use the colour wheel to your advantage.

  • Learn the colour secrets that will transform your paintings

  • How to create colour harmony.

  • Choose the right colour palette.

  • Colour and emotions.

  • Transparent vs opaque.

  • Creating colour intensity.

Module 3

Painting Techniques Explored

This module is a student favorite! Learn how to use various tools of the trade, like the humble palette knife, different brushes, mediums, oil pastels, acrylic paint pens, etc. 

Module Highlights:

  • Blending Acrylics the EASY way.

  • Using Texture in your art.

  • How to use different mediums.

  • Glazing techniques.

  • How to create Depth in your paintings

Module 4

Instant Inspiration

This is a good one! This module teaches you to find and use inspiration so you are never left with blank canvas anxiety. It also starts with helping to discover what really lights you up and how you can incorporate that into your signature style.

Module Highlights:

  • Where to find Inspiration.

  • How to use inspiration in your art.

  • Being inspired by other artists without copying.

  • Being inspired by the essence of YOU.

  • Using technology to help find inspiration and assist in your painting process.

Module 5

Eye-Catching Design

This is one of the most important Modules. Learn how to create beautifully designed art through understanding and applying the rules of strong composition.

Module Highlights:

  • The importance of great composition.

  • Key composition designs.

  • How to use composition to create eye-catching artwork.

  • Create drama and energy through powerful composition.

Module 6

Unlock Your Unique Artistic Voice

It’s essential for any artist, especially an abstract artist, to harness their unique artist voice. In this module, I will show you how to do just that. The best part? I break it down in a simple yet impactful way that makes it easy to unlock and tap into. This module is POWERFUL!

Module Highlights:

  • Working on a series.

  • Consolidating the techniques you have learned with what lights you up.

  • Recording your process.

  • Use details and mark making to transform your artwork.

Module 7

The Confident Artist

Oh, you’re going to LOVE this one! In this module, we will find out why we can be riddled with self-doubt and be our own worst critic. We will explore and learn strategies to counteract this negative mindset that will help accelerate you and your artwork to the next level of mastery.

Module Highlights:

  • Creating positive mindset habits.

  • Understanding, respecting and learning how to trust the creative process.

  • Painting and dreaming BIG!

Module 8

The Finish Line

Not sure when to stop painting? This is a challenge that plagues many abstract artists. In this module, you will learn how to finish your painting. Perhaps more importantly, I will teach you how to evaluate your painting so you know for certain it is really finished.

Module Highlights:

  • How to evaluate your artwork.

  • Varnishing 101.

  • Prepare your paintings for hanging and sale.

  • Floral inspired abstracts

  • Your onward journey - what's next?

Student Testimonials

Alison Leith, England

Ciara has a very warm and friendly approach. She doesn’t hold back on sharing information about her practice either in the video demonstrations or the zoom meetings. There is even an opportunity for a 1:1 with her which I found very valuable.

I think the course represents good value for money and gave a terrific amount of information both on the practical side of abstract painting and areas such as where to find inspiration and on the business side including how to go about selling your art.

Jamie De Guire, USA

Ciara, thank you! I am so grateful for you and your ambition in putting this course together! You’ve truly helped me to transform my art and my unique artistic voice and style! I couldn't have done this without your help, guidance, exercises, and determination of helping me to step outside of my comfort zone. Thank you, again!!

Mari Harsan

I feel so lucky to have found Ciara. Getting to learn from her has been one of my favorite things this year. Her knowledge and willingness to share never disappoints. Learning how to use colors to make a painting stand out and different brush techniques helped me achieve what I was looking for. Her way of teaching is so easy and after each lesson I was more aware of what was missing and more inspired to paint and find my voice. Ciara’s work is absolutely stunning and perhaps a reflection of who she is as a human being. She is kind, warm and encouraging; always a great day when I get to spend some time and learn from her.

When you enrol in Abstract Art Evolution you will receive:

  • Abstract Art Evolution for an amazing price of £997

 Once enrolled, you will have access straight away and be able to...

  • Enjoy 8 weeks of value-packed modules where you will learn how to paint proficiently and confidently and finally create artwork you are proud of and love!


  • Understand the key steps to create a beautiful piece of abstract art.


  • Learn how to evaluate and critique your own work.


  • Paint with intuition and allow your inner voice to shine through.


  • Find out what lights you up and inspires your paintings.

Plus These Amazing Extras!


  • BONUS 1: Private classroom Facebook Community

  • BONUS 2 : Exclusive access to the Facebook Peer Support  Graduate Group

  • BONUS 3:  2 x Live group Q & A sessions with me to discuss anything 




  • BONUS 4 : How to price your artwork (valued at  £197)

  • BONUS 5 : Top Tips for approaching Art Galleries (valued at £197)

  • BONUS 6 : Packaging and Shipping your Artwork (Valued at £197)

  • BONUS 7: Access to a Library of recorded coaching calls (valued at £995)

  • BONUS 8: Lifetime access to course material and  FREE access to any new teaching material added to the classroom! (Priceless!)

  • Pay in Full- BONUS and you will also receive 'From Hobbyist to Pro -  How to Kick Start your Art Business and start selling!  (Valued at £497)

And If you prefer to spread the cost I have got you covered!

Register for Abstract Art Evolution today  and you can choose the PAYMENT PLAN at check out. Choose to pay 3 monthly  installments of £367.


We want you to be delighted with all of Abstract Art Evolution

Our Refund Policy

We know that if you watch the videos in the course and do the work, you will see yourself transform into the abstract artist you dream of becoming.

That's why we are giving you a full 14 days from date of purchase to try out the art lessons. To be eligible for the refund, you must have watched a minimum of 3 lessons but no more than 8 of the lessons and send your request to contact@ciaragilmore.com during the refund period.

It’s as simple as that.

We hope you agree that this policy gives you enough time to figure out if the class is a good fit for you.




What type of art teaching videos are included?

There will be a mixture of teaching a specific technique or process and also full painting process videos. They are designed so you can practice and then paint along. You will also have access to presentation videos and audio files. You will also receive a mixture of downloadable PDF files with Tips and 'Key Takes Aways' as well as exercises.



I’ve never taken an abstract art course before. Do I need to take a beginners course?

You don't need to have taken any courses before. I will take you through everything you need to get started so all levels are welcome. Previous experience working with acrylics is recommended.


I am not on Facebook. How can I engage with the class community?

If you prefer not to sign up to Facebook then you can ask questions directly under the lesson you are working on. The course platform, Podia also has a direct messaging service where you can message me directly re any questions. If you would like help with setting up a Facebook account to allow access to the group, my team can help with this.


I've never taken an ONLINE course before and I'm nervous about the new tech I will need to know.

Online courses are very intuitive to use. You will receive login details and a password that you should keep safe. When you log in, the lessons will be right there, ready to click on and begin. Downloadable written documents will also be there beside the lesson video or presentation.


I am so busy. How will I fit everything in?

I totally get that life can sometimes take over. That's why I make sure my lessons contain the KEY points needed so that you can watch and implement quickly without rushing through lots of overwhelming information. Every lesson will have a summary of key points so that at a glance you can remember what you need. The videos and lessons should not take up any more than 1.5 hours per week to watch and read. You will need extra time on top of that to practice and implement the teachings.


What if I go in and realise it's not for me?

Don’t worry, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. See details above under OUR REFUND POLICY.


Does my access expire?

No, you have lifetime access to the course for the lifetime of the site.


Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay in monthly installments.


If I have another question that isn't answered here, whom do I contact?

I want you to be happy, so if you have any further questions, please email contact@ciaragilmore.com

Still on the fence?

Abstract Art Evolution is PERFECT for you if…

  • You are just starting out and want to 'do it right' from the get-go. Avoid years of struggle and accelerate your painting journey in no time.

  • You are struggling to create paintings that you are proud of. You struggle to create depth, vibrancy and great composition and you want to solve these stumbling points straight away.

  • You are willing to put the work in by watching and absorbing the information and putting the key steps into practice. You’re ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and take action!

  • You are open to experimenting and allowing your true artistic voice to shine through.

  • You want to develop your painting to a new accomplished level.

  • You struggle to use texture in your art or blend seamlessly without struggling.

  • You are battling with self-doubt and fear of failure when it comes to your artistic expression.

  • You are ready to learn but just need some hand-holding to take you through the key steps to creating amazing artwork.

  • You know you want to become the artist you've always dreamt of being.

  • You have had a break in your painting and want to reignite your passion and skills.

  • You want to build a successful art business with consistent sales.


So you have 2 possible choices at this point...

Choice A - 

Choice B -



Keep wasting time, effort and paint trying to figure it all out on your own.

Or take 60 short days to implement the exact steps that have worked for me and my students..... and watch your art transform and your confidence soar!

In 60 days you can have:

  • An understanding of how to take your art to the next level.

  • The skills to create art with more vibrancy and depth.

  • Increased confidence in your art process and be ready to start selling your art.


So choose your plan NOW.

I can’t wait for you to join Abstract Art Evolution!


I created this course because when I was first starting out on my abstract art journey I got so frustrated! It seemed like no matter what I tried, I just couldn't find the help I needed to accelerate my art.

I struggled with creating paintings that I could display proudly. I also struggled to define my style and process. I felt lost at sea! So I went on a steep learning journey to teach myself everything about abstract art.

In less than a year I was consistently selling my art from galleries for 4 figure sums, painting commissions every month and had been approached to license my art to major online retailers.

I have felt the struggles you may be experiencing and I really want to help you.

You are right where you are meant to be and I would be honored to be your guide and help you through this stage of your art journey. I hope to see you in the classroom.


All my best and my warmest regards,






Ciara x

Are you ready to invest in YOU? Imagine the joy and sense of fulfilment when you can paint Abstract Art that you love and are so proud of?

Enrol in Abstract Art Evolution and let the transformation begin!

© ciara gilmore 2020